Toddler/Preschooler activity charts

Toddler-PreschoolerI have been seriously thinking about homeschooling Munna. But since schooling begins from home anyways, I decided to make some light teaching aids and get in the groove of the things till the time arrives. I have had the idea of making these big interactive charts for some time now. They were really easy to make.

Material you require:

  • Card stock/chart papers of carious colors and sizes
  • Felt sheets
  • Color pencils/paints/markers
  • Scissors
  • Velcro dots
  • Glue
  • Craft wires
  • Paper binders

The charts didn’t really turn out the way I wanted them to but I like how they are looking. Though the pictures are pretty self explanatory how I made them,still explaining them one by one:
1. Dress the teddy chart: fotor_146448642966599.jpgThis was the first I made a few months ago in an effort to teach Munna about what clothing pieces go where. All the pieces including the cupboard
have been cut and made out of felt and velcro dots have been used to make them stick to their places. It’s a wonderful aid to teach toddlers about dressing up and of course helping them build up their vocabulary. Of all the charts I have made, this has to be Munna’s favorite. He loves getting things out of the cupboard putting them on the teddy and then getting them off and in the cupboard.
2. Beautiful face chart:

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I made this chart when I was having a difficult time getting Munna to brush his teeth. Even though the face isn’t beautiful as stated, rather a bit creepy, but the intended objective was achieved :). I added extra feature of removable face parts to help him learn body parts. The brush and toothpaste are made out of felt and so is the cup which is glued to the chart. I drew the face parts on a separate sheet and laminated them before cutting them out so they won’t tear. And of course velcro dots were attached to both the chart and the cuttings to help them stick together.


3. Feed the whale chart:

I adapted this idea from a post I came across on pinterest where a shark was cut out with an open mouth and a baby dropping  balloons into it’s mouth.I made the whale parts out of card stock and attached them with a paper binder to give it mobility. The belly of the whale is glued all around except for the top to make a pocket to drop the fish.You can write numbers on the fish to help with counting or this idea can also be used with alphabet and color recognition.

4. Counting the birds and Bees chart: fotor_146448632413321.jpg

This has to be my favorite one just for the fact I loved making it! I adapted the idea from the quiet book ideas I had seen on pinterest. The tree and the details have been painted with acrylic paints. I20151005_230715.jpg then drew the bird, bees and everything else on a separate card stock and and laminated them before cutting them out.I then cut drinking straws into small pieces before gluing them onto to the back of the figures (as shown in the picture). I then passed craft wires through the straws and taped them onto the chart paper. This way the the figures have an element of movement and they can be moved to and fro.fotor_146462581159090.jpg

5. “Knock knock! Who’s there?” activity chart:

A chart with house cut out from felt with our family picture stuck under to help Munna with facial recognition plus he enjoys doing the knock knock before opening it up :). I added a puzzle made out of felt and letters spelling out Munna’s name on top to help him with letter recognition.

6. How am I feeling activity chart:

I created this to help with facial expression recognition. Simply draw a face leaving out the mouth and the eyebrows. Cut out the shapes of mouth and eyebrows from card stock of another color and stick them with a paper binder to give them mobility.

7. Sorting shapes on masjid:fotor_14644867550203.jpg

My second favorite just for how cute it looks and because it was so easy and quick to make. I used pre cut shape though later I thought it would have been better to laminate the shapes as I had done before. I drew the outline of the masjid with the shapes to help in recognition and placement of the shapes. fotor_146448684817073.jpg

With Ramadan coming up, this masjid or all the above activities can be added on your list for the toddlers to do :).

I use the clip board on Munna’s writing board to put up the charts. You can also place them onthe floor or on a table for your child to practice.

I think these charts are a great way to practice motor and sensory skills and initiate creative thinking. They can be used to teach simple concepts like colors, numbers, alphabets and shapes. You can customize according to your need and the age of your children.The ideas are endless :).



3 thoughts on “Toddler/Preschooler activity charts

    1. Ameen! Jazakillah sister ♡♡♡ Since commenting is not available on your blog, I will say it here that you are doing amazing work through your blog! We need the awareness in the community. May Allah bless your work


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