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A dragon doesn’t sleep: Notes on sleep pattern of a High Needs baby-Part 1


A dragon doesn't sleepSleep….Oh my God! It’s such a huge thing in our house hence can not be covered in a single post. Munna’s sleep pattern is something which caused me a lot of grief and confusion. Grief for I wasn’t used to this and for the disability to function properly because of the lack of sleep. Confusion for not knowing what to do.

We saw other people with babies the age of Munna who would happily sleep being rocked in a cradle and there were still other who would just lay their babies down and the baby was out in a few minutes. It really made us think what was it that we were doing wrong.

Most of the times Munna would sleep nursing on top of or besides me. If not then he would only sleep rocking and walking. Even after having a stomach full he would be awake 15-30 minutes later. It actually took more time putting him to sleep than he actually stayed asleep. In the beginning we thought he wasn’t getting fed enough or maybe the temperature of the room being too hot or cold didn’t let him stay asleep. We tried everything but nothing worked and he wouldn’t sleep longer periods of time unless he was cradled in our arms or any one of us was lying besides him.

And then the house had to be completely silent. Which meant the phones had to be silent, no work in the kitchen, no watching or listening to anything without headphones, no showers and absolutely no conversations. For afternoon naps I even had to put notes outside our main door to prevent anyone who dropped by from knocking the door. Slightest of disturbance and Munna would be up refusing to sleep again. There are times you see the sleep in his eyes but then you can also read on his face the battle he is fighting within himself to stay awake.

Not only that, he was waking up quite frequently at night which was enough to get a tired mama’s head spinning.

Looking at our situation, anyone would have said that it was us who had spoiled him in the first place and put him into bad habits. But we tried everything out there but nothing, NOTHING worked for us but what we did.

Our only consolation came from Dr Sears article  and from our own doctor who comforted us by stating the fact that intelligent babies with high brain activity sleep that way.

Anyhow, as he has grown older he HAS definitely started to sleep better and I am finally getting my sleep back. He doesn’t needs to be rocked or walked and many a times sleeps all by himself without any aid from us. I feel doing exactly what we did has built a sense of calmness and awareness in himself that when the time comes he sometimes actually demands to be put to sleep.

A routine and consistency has definitely helped us. What we did and have been sticking to is something I will cover in another post another time :).

Till then I would love to hear from you. Did you encounter similar problems? What do you think we should have done to help us and what did you do help your baby sleep better?



One thought on “A dragon doesn’t sleep: Notes on sleep pattern of a High Needs baby-Part 1

  1. My children were all different when it came to sleep, I have had super easy to very high needs , just hang in there remember this to shall pass then when it’s gone you’ll miss it

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